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Nov 5 2013
by Carolyn Mandelker

Westchester County Association’s Young Professionals Group Selects Marya Ugolnik of Sleepy Hollow for This Exceptional Professional Development Opportunity

(WHITE PLAINS, NY – October 14) Marya Ugolnik has been selected for a prestigious professional opportunity that will enhance her leadership and management skills and help her have a greater positive impact on her community. As the winner of the 2013-2014 Westchester County Association Young Professionals Group Scholarship for Leadership Westchester, the Sleepy Hollow resident will participate in an intensive, nine-month program geared toward preparing today’s passionate professionals for tomorrow’s positions of influence.

This signature program of The Volunteer Center of United Way provides passionate, knowledgeable, and highly skilled leaders with an in-depth understanding of how nonprofits work, and exposes them to leadership concepts taught at the nation’s top business schools. Through a dynamic combination of lively classroom discussions, collaborative fieldwork, and self-study, the Leadership Westchester experience shapes the lives of people who want to help improve the communities in which they live and work. The program has graduated hundreds of successful alumni, including Pat Braja, Development Director, Westchester Library System (2005); Larry Gottlieb, President and CEO at the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation (2010); and Katherine Stipicevic, senior IT manager at Pepsi Beverages Company (2013).

Ugolnik, a senior recruiter at Concorde Personnel in White Plains, was selected for the scholarship from a competitive field of applicants based on her commitment to Westchester County and desire for community involvement. A recent transplant from New York City to Sleepy Hollow, Ugolnik said she is excited about establishing roots in Westchester and becoming an advocate for the advancement of the region.

“My experience includes volunteering with young children who need mentoring, and working with disabled adults who need jobs. But I also am interested in sharpening my leadership skills and learning how to have an even greater positive impact on my surrounding community,” said Ugolnik. “Leadership Westchester is a unique program that will help me hone my abilities, allowing me to have a more effective professional life as well.”

Each Leadership Westchester class size is small – no more than 20 – and includes a mix of individuals from business, the public sector, and non-profit organizations. The program runs from October through June.

“We are so pleased to offer this opportunity to a talented individual like Marya Ugolnik,” said Olivia Ecker, chairwoman of the WCA Young Professionals executive board and a graduate of Leadership Westchester. “I know first-hand the benefits of Leadership Westchester, and we are committed to developing the upcoming generation of business leaders not only for their betterment but for the betterment of Westchester County.”

About the Young Professionals Group
WCA’s dynamic under-40 set finds its home in the Young Professionals Group, which is actively producing the next generation of business leaders. The Group provides a sophisticated level of business and professional development to its members and holds frequent gatherings at off-the-beaten-track places as well as at some of the county’s favorite venues. WCA YPs also benefit from frequent mentoring opportunities, and meet in small groups with business leaders who freely share their acumen and advice.

About the Westchester County Association
The Westchester County Association (www.westchester.org) is the preeminent business membership organization in Westchester County. The Association is committed to business advocacy, economic vitality and to providing a strong and clear voice for the interests of businesses on the regional, national and international levels. Its key objectives are promoting positive economic development in the region; fostering business development; and providing its members with access and interaction with key public and private sector individuals, agencies and organizations.

The Concorde Staffing Group: Westchester’s Award-Winning Staffing Agency

Jul 26 2013

Westchester’s Award-Winning Staffing Agency

A full-service staffing agency in the heart of White Plains earns one of our “General Excellence” award.

With a downturn in the economy and so few companies looking to hire, it would stand to reason that an employment agency would fall by the wayside. But The Concorde Staffing Group, a full-service staffing agency based in White Plains, not only weathered the economic storm, it emerged virtually unscathed.

Founded in 1986 by staffing industry vet Anita Greenwald, the company handles both permanent and temporary placement of employees at all levels in a variety of fields, including finance, banking, real estate, HR, accounting, and digital marketing. Regardless of the specific industry, though, “we try to fit whatever needs the client has,” says Anita’s husband, Richard, who took over as president of Concorde in 1994.

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Hot jobs heat up Westchester

May 23 2013
by Westfair Online

In Westchester, it pays to be in biotech, health care or working in human resources.

Those are some of the hottest jobs according to two Westchester employment agencies. Other hot jobs include digital marketing and accounting.

“Those are the jobs that we’ve been hearing about over the last six to nine months,” Richard Greenwald of White Plains-based Concorde Personnel Inc. said. “I think companies are realizing the bottom is not falling out and they need more people.”

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Job numbers hit all-time high

Apr 25 2013
by WestFair Communications

Staffing companies have seen firsthand the improved job market in the region. Richard Greenwald, president of Concorde Staffing Group in White Plains, said business has been increasing. Overall, he noticed businesses are hiring more full-time employees

“We are seeing a significant jump in terms of companies inquiring about other people,” Greenwald said. “Things are moving in the right direction. Hopefully the trend will continue.”

Despite seeing growth, Greenwald does not think the job market will return to pre-recession levels.

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Labor force increase negates July private sector gains

Aug 22 2012
by Westchester County Business Journal

Rich Greenwald, president of The Concorde Group, a White Plains staffing firm, said he has seen increased hiring in health care, accounting and for temporary and full-time administrative positions...

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Westfair Publications Article 8/20/2010

Aug 20 2010
by Rich Greenwald

Are you happy with business at status quo?

We are slowly seeing an economic recovery, which means business is growing, consumers are more confident in their spending and the needs for productivity are steadily increasing. But how do HR managers and small-business owners manage the growth of their organizations while simultaneously keeping employee morale high?

In order for businesses to meet the newly increasing demands of clients and customers, they must be strongly positioned to do so.

As a result of the down economy, staffing has decreased while employees are required to be more productive. Therefore, employee selection is the most important investment business leaders make. But when’s the right time to hire?

First, several questions must be asked:

  • Are you seeing a diminishing return on employees?
  • What are your growth projections?
  • How will you meet your projections, and who will help you?

Is morale high or low?
Ideally, after a round of layoffs, employers strategize about how to consolidate jobs and positions to make the most out of existing employees’ efforts. Restructuring is also critical to enable employees to keep customers happy.

But what happens when these steps are overlooked? Are employees stretched too thin?

Many companies have increased employee hours to make up for the lost time of their laid-off colleagues. But at what return? Low morale and too much work may result in higher absentee rates, lost business and reduced quality of work.

Employers must clearly communicate with their staff about what kind of growth –negative or positive – the company is experiencing. Open communication enables employees to express concerns about their jobs and ask questions about the company itself.

Leaders must also make employees feel respected and appreciated. This can be done through recognition programs, addressing questions and concerns in a timely manner, hosting staff lunches and even assigning them work that is both challenging and interesting to them.

Growth objectives
If your company is poised for significant growth, it is especially important to have the right people. A plan for growth is key – it will help to measure milestones as well as guide company leaders through the hiring process.

First, determine what the company’s growth opportunities are. Next, map out the financial objectives for the upcoming eight quarters. Third, figure out the ways to market the company in order to meet the financial objectives in conjunction with identifying available funds to support that growth. Lastly, determine staffing needs.

If it is evident the current team will be unable to support the growth and financial objectives, then it’s time to start thinking about hiring.

The right candidates
Budgets may be tight, but focusing on the company’s growth rather than the bottom line will serve a hiring manager well. Focus on finding the right person rather than hiring because of an immediate need. It will cost less in the long run.

According to the Department of Labor, as of June 4, 2010, the unemployment rate was 9.7 percent. The good news here is that there are plenty of qualified candidates looking for work.

However, there are important factors to consider when bringing on a new staff member.

First, be sure the candidate’s skills are aligned with the company’s goals. Are you hoping to increase sales? Hire someone with a proven track record for consistently meeting or exceeding quotas. Are you looking for someone to manage the financials? Hire someone with an advanced degree in finance.

Second, be sure the candidate is adaptable. Will he be able to adjust old habits to match your company’s culture? Be sure that during the interviewing process, your hiring manager clearly explains what the position entails today, but that it is likely to change as your business readies itself for growth.

Third, identify your company’s weaknesses and seek to hire someone who can fill in those gaps. Training someone to meet those needs, both short- and long-term, will be well worth it. 

Richard Greenwald is president of Concorde Staffing Group in White Plains. Reach him at rgreenwald@concordepersonnel.com .

Article originally posted here: On Employment

Quoted in Westchester.com Article

Jun 30 2010
by unknown

HIRE Act Benefits Local Employers

"With a visible upswing in the economy, businesses are expanding their workforces. For these companies, this new law saves them money while enabling them to hire qualified workers to further foster a strong economic recovery and grow their businesses," said Richard Greenwald, president of Concorde Staffing Group."


Concorde Staffing Group Makes Donation to Food Bank for Westchester

Aug 2 2010
by Lauren B. Schiffman

Concorde Staffing Group president Richard Greenwald presents a check to Christina Rohatynskyj

White Plains, NY – As part of its ongoing Concorde Cares! Campaign, Concorde Staffing Group recently made a donation to Food Bank for Westchester (FBW). The funds will be allocated to food acquisition for the nearly 200,000 people who are hungry or at risk of hunger in Westchester County.

For every employee it places in client companies, Concorde will donate a portion of revenues generated to the Food Bank for Westchester. Contributions are made in the name of client companies who opt into the campaign.

The Food Bank for Westchester is able to quadruple the value of each dollar it receives helping to purchase the nearly five million pounds of food it distributes across the county each year.

“We are so grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful network of businesses here in Westchester,” said Christina Rohatynskyj, FBW’s executive director. “Richard and his team have been long-time supporters, and with nearly 83,000 people here living at or below the federal poverty level, every dollar helps.”

Giving back to the community supports Concorde’s philosophy. Concorde Staffing Group president Richard Greenwald believes that being a positive business role model makes Concorde a better corporate citizen. “Being a good corporate neighbor benefits both donor and recipient alike. Not only is supporting our local communities the right thing to do, but it feels good, sets a positive example for others and provides help where it’s needed most,” he said.

Concorde Staffing Group is located at 4 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains. For additional information, call 914-428-0700 or visit www.concordepersonnel.com.

About Concorde Staffing Group: Founded in 1986, Concorde has established itself as a primary resource for discerning tri-state companies that require retained search, contingency search and temporary staffing. Concorde is adept at matching highly qualified candidates to its clients’ corporate culture and job specifications. With in-depth knowledge of the labor markets, a keen understanding of its clients' needs and a dedicated staff, Concorde is best suited to partner with an organization when it comes to resolving staffing issues.

Photo: Concorde Staffing Group president Richard Greenwald presents a check to Christina Rohatynskyj, Executive Director of Food Bank for Westchester. The donation was made as part of Concorde Staffing Group’s Concorde Cares! Campaign.

Also posted to White Plains News and Announcements on AmericanTowns.com

Contact: Lauren B. Schiffman

Quoted in New York Times & Monster Article

Aug 4 2010
by John Rossheim, Monster Senior Contributing Writer

Staffing Activity is Up – But Is It Adding Up to Much?

“In the first quarter there was a surge in staffing activity; the second quarter tapered off a bit,” says Richard Greenwald, president of Concorde Staffing Group. “Now our clients are talking about adding staff in the fall.”


Quoted in New York Post Article

Feb 9 2009
by Brian Moore

Concorde owner Rich Greenwald is quoted February 9 article in New York Post:

The Devil's in the Details: From Too Much Cologne to the Wrong Socks, the Little Things Can Hurt a Job Seeker

"You have to be dead-on with these jobs," says Rich Greenwald, owner of the New York-based staffing firm The Concorde Group. "There are no more situations where a company is going to hire a 60 percent candidate, where you have six out of the 10 criteria for the job."


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